Recommended method for remodeling Gunpla for beginners (second part)

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Recommended “putty” and adhesive that does not fail even for novice beginners




– The continuation of the body, what is the part that is whitish in some places?


The white part is a repair agent for a model called instant adhesion putty,

It is absolutely necessary to keep strength of remodeled place.

Since it’s a big opportunity, I should explain it.

– Okay. Then, is there a failure that tends to be adhesive or putty?

In my case, there were 3 main failures.

Three common failures of putty and glue

  • The place using the putty breaks   
  • Putty and glue will flow in the joint etc.
  • Parts that glue up later will come off

I have failed many times so far.

Among them, the big failure is an accident in which parts melt and soften in putty.

There is no choice but to replace the parts, and most of the kit is sent to the trash box.

I can cry.

Why did you fail and the solution?


– Why did he fail?

It is a big cause that none of them knew the characteristics and treatment of putty.

There was not enough strength at the place where glued or putty was put.

By the way, the cause of the “accident” is because we used a solvent for airbrush washing.

Let’s use a diluted solution of airbrush when using.

Then try some putty and glue,

I found something excellent in strength and efficiency.

The solution is very easy.

Using good putty and glue, that’s it.

– That ‘s right. By the way, what do you recommend?

Instant adhesion putty and lightweight epoxy putty, Mr. cement SP is an adhesive.

The first recommendation is instant adhesion putty

When it solidifies, it becomes strength similar to plastic and easy to cut,

It fills narrow gaps, large and small scratches and chips, and also shows strength in reinforcement.

Since curing takes time, the curing accelerator is basically used.

If you use an accelerator it hardens in less than 1 minute, so use an instant adhesion putty often.

Although you may blow a white powder on traces using accelerators, you can easily wipe it off.

Recommended usage is to mix Mr. SSP powder and serve.

You will be able to shred with crisp.

There are similar “black instant adhesives”

Bubbles were made in the place I used it.

Compared to instant adhesion putty, it is not sticky and fragile feeling, so instantaneous adhesive putty is recommended.

Since instantaneous adhesion putty hardly produces air bubbles, finishing afterwards is also easy.

The kind of color also varies from red, blue, yellow, black, beige, gray, and so on.

The disadvantage is that it is expensive, it costs 1,000 yen per pack and if you prepare the curing accelerator and Mr. SSP, it costs more than 2000 yen.
Mr. SSP seems to be a substitute for baby powder, but it is also higher than other putty.

Storage is also basically sealed, but if it is troublesome, prepare drills dedicated to pick up clogged nozzles.


High strength and clean finish is epoxy paste

There are two kinds of clay of different colors in the box, and knead the two and start to solidify by mixing well.

It is convenient when you are using a lot or creating a curved surface.

If you put a mentholatum on the place to paste it easily detached,

It will show its power when you want to fit parts perfectly.

Because it is easy to handle, it would be better to prepare plastic gloves when using.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to remove if it stretches thinly and sticks.

When using it by all means I am taking countermeasures by reinforcing it with an adhesive putty instantaneously.

The thing to notice is that the file is easy to clog and can not be shredded in the middle.

Here we recommend a file.


No doubt, the strongest file is glass file


The best recommendation for shaving putty is a glass claw file.

It is Turkish claw file, amazon it is about 1000 yen.

There is a taste such as Turkish, colorfully colorful and foreign goods.

It is comfortable to use to say that it is the most powerful file up to now.

The advantage is

  • Because you can sharpen water, scraped powder is hard to clutter
  • You can shave it well without clogging
  • I can see the part being sharpened by translucency, do not cut too much

When shaving, you can scrape crisply without scattering it after shaving from water.

It is normal to get clogged and hard to scrape while using it as an ordinary paper file or metal file.

But the glass file is different. As far as I can say, I keep keeping the first sharpness easier.

Among them, it is easiness to use best  to shred gate traces.

Because it is translucent, you can cut it while checking that the gate trace has disappeared.

The point of caution is glass, so there is a possibility of cracking in unexpected places.

I also cracked the file I was using and I got a hand, so be careful of putting in too much power.

For the person who wants to finish it cheapest, polyester putty

Polyester putty is cheap to quantity. (Especially those with cans)
There is a characteristic that it is difficult to peel off because it contains solvent.

It can be said that it is the cheapest putty since it can be used in small quantities or in large quantities.

However, the smell is hard.

It will take some time until we can cut it further, so the efficiency of our work will be somewhat worse.

Since air bubbles also come out, large air bubbles are instant adhesives, small bubbles are filled with melted putty and filled.

Because it is brittle compared to other putty, let’s use it as reinforce it where it is applied before using it as much as possible.

… It is definitely cheap, but it will take time and effort, so I will not recommend it.

By the way, when you are sticky, putting a thin liquid for airbrush a little bit will make it easier.

Be careful not to close the lid of the container tightly when storing it, because it will cure.


High-speed strong adhesive “Mr. Cement SP”

It is a type of adhesive used by pouring it into the gap between plastics.

Adhesive power is higher than other adhesives, and the time to stick is also fast.

It will not take as long as 1 minute.

As it dries quickly and it is difficult to melt the parts,

It is useful for small parts and parts that require strength.

However, no confidence is prohibited.

Let’s see if there is no impossible force when it comes out later.

When using, when placing the plastics together and fitting together, it will be hard to come off.

I summarized the reproduction method of “Sentinel version”

Now that we explain it all, I will return to the production of Ez-8.




Try increasing the volume before and after

Ez-8  イラスト

Because the trunk was made thicker in the front and rear, only the size of the torso tends to stand out as it is.

The waist was transplanted “hguc powered GM” and stretched forward, the volume of losing and waist also increased.

I am remodeling it while keeping strength by using saw belly of this article and this tool.
Try using parts of another aircraft

On the waist use “GM Command” front armor.

Because the joint on the base of the thigh can be seen, it is stretched 2 mm with a plastic square rod.

Besides, backpack was diverted from old kit “GM Sniper”.
“Sentinel version Gundam” was adopted because it carries Jim’s backpack.



Try to reproduce the features of the original animated version      


Ez-8 イラスト


– Why do you bother using the old kit?

This is because it is similar to the original Ez – 8 animated design drawing.

The reason for using the old kit is mainly to reproduce the original design.

In addition, this “GM Sniper” comes with a lot of weapons.

Also, with the kit as it is, the magazine attached to the side armor interferes and the arm can not be lowered right underneath, so I will fix it.

A little stretched the axis of the shoulder to make a simple extension parts, the connection pin of the shoulder armor has to be able to adjust the position and without.

By this, the shoulder width expands and it becomes a more rugged impression.

Summary of this time



This time, I packed the tools used for remodeling anyway.

Chee Bali, What is your best recommendation?

The best recommended putty and tools

  • Instant adhesion putty
  • Glass file

I will use these two most often on my own.

If you do not mind using it please check it.

– What is the next schedule?

I would like to devise more easy-to-understand articles about the next Ez-8 article.

Modifications are still continuing.

Explaining it in detail, it becomes too complicated, so the rest will be an explanation using illustration.

Let’s meet again next time.